Dawn Of Dreams (Spire, ReSpire)

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This sound bank is made for Reveal Sound Spire and ReSpire and contains 100 meticulously crafted presets. If you are searching for the perfect sounds to inspire you and to use in your next ambient, film score or new age track for example, this pack will give you a jump start!

After spending a lot of time with Spire, it opened up to us and started to show us how smooth and sophisticated it can be. Beautiful lush and evolving pads, shimmering keys, cinematic strings and smooth and deep basses. Spire can do it all!

We made heavy use of velocity, modulation wheel and the modulation macros, so that you
can easily tweak the sounds to your liking!

As a bonus we’ve added six drum presets from our Drumspiration sound bank, which can be heard in some of the demo’s for Dawn of Dreams.


  • 45 Pads & Strings, 24 Keys & Plucks, 7 Chords, 16 Basses, 6 Leads, 2 Misc


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