Divine (Diva)

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Since the release of Diva, Joseph was amazed by the unparalleled sound quality of the synth. He challenged himself to create his signature emotional, alive and moving sounds using only two envelopes and 2 LFO-s.

A new soundset for lovers of lyrical, ethereal, mystical, emotional, evolving, soft, airy and transparent pads, strings and voxes. You can find thick, dramatic and warm analogue synths, soundscapes, basses, leads, plucks. There are playful and magical keys, arpeggios and BPM synchronized pads, plus a handful of useful drums, hits, impacts and percussions.

  • 136 Presets
    • Pads, Strings, Vox, Synths, Soundscapes, Basses, Leads, Plucks, Keys, Arpeggios, Rhythmic Pads, Drums, Hits, Impacts, Percussion

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