Imagination (Spire)

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The new sound bank “IMAGINATI0N” is suitable for most popular
styles and genres of today producing: pop, electro, trance, edm,
synthpop, and even soundtracks!

Groundbreaking professional sounds by N0_TiTLE. Most of them can be
tweaked heavily by the mod knobs, so you actually recieve more than
those 100 sounds, it all depends on your imagination! Turn a pad to bass,
bass to lead or a pluck and so on..!

  • 100 Presets
    • 29 Basses
    • 4 Arps
    • 22 Leads
    • 17 Pads
    • 16 Keys / Plucks
    • 10 Effects
    • 1 Chord
    • 1 Synth
    • 1 Gated

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